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Darling Of The Month // Be Inspired PR

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Darlings, meet the creator of Be Inspired PR – Leila Lewis. Be Inspired PR is a Los Angeles based boutique agency specializing in marketing and public relations for the luxury weddings + lifestyle industry. We admire how she took her love for weddings, ran with a brilliant idea and created the first ever wedding PR firm! Read about her road to success below.

Q: Give us your best “15-second” elevator pitch” on who you are and what Be Inspired PR is all about!
I started Be Inspired PR in 2007 as the first ever wedding PR firm focused on bringing press opportunities and brand awareness to wedding business owners. It was started after discovering that most businesses in the industry lacked the know-how or time to manage their own PR efforts. We help educate clients on marketing strategies, rebuild corporate image, secure top-level media placements and help them book new business.

Before officially starting the business, I helped several wedding planners land national tv shows, and seeing how those opportunities helped grow their business and bring them new opportunities inspired me to do that on a larger scale. When I opened my doors I was told by everyone (wedding industry vendors, editors, bloggers) that it wouldn’t succeed, but I knew the kind of value I could provide if given the chance.  

Q: Where did the idea for Be Inspired PR come from?
A: I had been in the wedding industry for several years and prior to that I worked in print media before starting Be Inspired PR. Companies came to me asking me to help them market their wedding based businesses and I became passionate about seeing others succeed. 

Q: How do you find ways to stay creative in an industry that seems to be growing so rapidly right now?
A: Honestly? With 3 little kids I don’t have a ton of time to spend on Pinterest, going to events, or scrolling through Instagram. So, I lean on my millennial team who are much cooler than me 🙂 and know way more about creative trends. They keep me fresh and up to date on whats new! 

Q: You’re attending a party/event. What details do you seem to notice and appreciate first?
A: The decor, the lighting, the music and the food are all paramount!! I love when an event sets the tone with a wow factor, has amazing energy from the great music and ambient lighting and blows me away with the most delicious foods. 

Q: Best advice you’ve received in regards to starting and owning your own business. 
A: Integrity and honesty will take you far. Work hard and be nice while you build your business and consider a glass of wine after the end of a stressful day- it can encourage you to relax and take a break once in a while 🙂

Q: Is there anything you wish you knew before you started your own business or would do differently now?
A: So many things I couldn’t possibly list them all out! One important lesson I’ve learned is that if you want your business to stay relevant, you have to embrace change. 2017 was a huge year of change for me and I now look at change as an imperative part of my business – the good and bad changes are part of growing and becoming better!

Q: Neutrals or Bright Colors? Natural or Vibrant Florals? Chocolate or Vanilla? Beach or Mountains? Going out to dinner or staying in? 
A: Neutrals in my home but bright colors for my parties 🙂 Natural flowers- usually always white or green! Vanilla. Mountains! Staying in!! 

Grateful for companies like Be Inspired PR who support vendors in the wedding industry, because God knows we don’t have time do it all on our own! And for anyone who tells you that your business won’t succeed go show them wrong and create an empire like Leila. 

Want to learn more about what they do and see some of the beautiful events they’ve had featured in the press for their clients? Be sure to follow Be Inspired PR on social media below: 

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