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Darling Of The Month // Bloom Babes

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Two best friends who get to work with gorgeous flowers all day… We would say that is pretty much a dream job! Darlings – we would like to introduce the Bloom Babes. And yes… they are TOTAL babes. Not only are they so adorable + sweet but their work is incredible. We recently had the chance to work with this rockin’ duo on a styled shoot and it was pure floral magic! 

Q: Give us your best “15 second elevator pitch” on who the Bloom Babes are!
We’re a couple of gals who love to design floral arrangements and landscapes for weddings, corporate events, and the fun stuff in between. 

Q: Where did the idea for Bloom Babes come from?
A: We were both working for different flower shops at the time when one of our dearest friends was getting married. We were asked to do her flowers, and soon after, by word of mouth, the inquiries kept rolling in. We found ourselves with a few weddings under our belts and figured we ought to call ourselves something. We wanted a name that was tongue-in-cheek, and not wanting to take ourselves so seriously, “Bloom Babes” was born 🙂

Q: Your company specializes in floral design for weddings and events! 
 How do you find ways to stay creative in an industry that is always on top on executing the coolest ideas? 
A: It’s tough to not get caught up in trends. We like to do a mix of what we interpret as timeless, but incorporating (when necessary) what is trending at the moment. In reality, everyone kind of bounces ideas off of each other, especially with technology and every possible image you could think of is available at the push of a button. Pinterest has been super helpful with nailing down color schemes and communicating ideas/concepts with our clients. We look to these other sources initially to get a certain vibe, and from then on throw our own spin to it. The beauty of flowers is that mother nature decides what is available at the time!

Q: You’re attending a party/event. What small details do you seem to notice first? 
A: It’s absolute tunnel vision until we find the food/cocktail section, to be honest. Once we have a little sustenance we admire the florals (of course), and the little subtle details that you can tell took a lot of work and planning… like placement of candles, calligraphy signs, table decorations, etc. We know what it’s like to invest a lot of time into the small details.. so we definitely appreciate those!
Q: Best advice you’ve received about being in business, especially with being such close friends.
A: Promise less and deliver more! Also — Communication is KEY to a happy partnership, and friendship comes first. Always strive to give it 110% for your partner. (We are practically married at this point)

Q: What are some tools you’ve used to grow your business and following? 
A: In the beginning, we said YES to everything. We did a LOT of stuff for free! Instagram has also opened up so many doors for us, and has connected us with so many amazing vendors/friends/clients. Our business would be so different without it!

Q: What is something you wish you knew before you started your own business?
A: Hire a bookkeeper/tax person and/or take a class on how taxes work!! Tax season is so real and so scary if you have no idea on how it works or have someone you can trust to take care of it for you.

Q: Ribbon or glitter? Chocolate or vanilla? Musical theatre or the movies? Beach or mountains? Coffee or tea? 
A: RIBBONZ. SWIRLZ. MOVIEZ. BEACH!!!!! (duh) & lots and lots of Yerba Mate tea!

The Bloom Babes’ love for florals, the sea + weddings brought these besties together and we certainly aren’t complaining!  Darlings, if you need some fresh petals for your wedding or next social event, you know who to ring. Want to see more of their floral goodness? Follow them below:

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