Nov 30

Darling of the Month // Packed Party

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Life’s a party and this Darling of the Month sure knows how to throw a good one! Or… at least send one. Meet Jordan from Packed Party.  A genius way to send personalized gifts to your bestie to have a fiesta for one! 

Q: Give us your best “15 second elevator pitch” on who you are! 
A: Oh wow! 15 seconds is tough. I guess that means I’m a talker?  Packed Party is a company that sells themed gift packages you can send to yourself or someone to throw a “party for one”! We also are expanding our brand into other fun and unique gift items with the same sort of “life is a party” theme!

Q: Where did the idea for Packed Party come from?
A: I had a dream in the middle of the night about sending myself a Pity Party package and the idea for Packed Party was born right there on my bedroom floor in the middle of the night. I stayed up all night writing a business plan and we were up and running a few weeks later from there. I saw the idea had never been executed before and I acted on it.

Q:What is your #1 piece of advice when it comes to starting your own small business?
A: Start small. Cut the fluff and figure out what works for you and your brand before you go out and get a massive office, employees, and tons of inventory. Slow and steady (with serious hustle) always  wins the race!

Q: You’re attending a party/event. What small details do you seem to notice first?
A: Hmm, definitely the decor I think! I used to work in hospitality and events before I started Packed Party at an agency so details are key to me and most of them tend to live in decor. Whether it’s a place setting or a display I think it’s important things all add up to convey a mood or feeling you’re wanting people to have when they walk in. This goes with our packages too! We wouldn’t send a Pick-Me-Up package that was all dark colors inside because it wouldn’t quite give off the whole sunshine in a package vibe!

Q: Best advice you’ve received and why it stuck with you for so long.
A: I have received a ton of great advice along the way! I was talking to someone about this the other day and it’s been on my mind I suppose a bit more recently when it comes to advice I have been given that’s help run my business. Someone really successful told me early on that doing what is best for your business does not make you a bitch, it makes you smart. I think I had to learn very quickly I couldn’t please everyone with Packed Party and it’s served me well. I am a nice person, I think most people are, but people will use you to death if you let them, ha! So you have to draw the line when you’re working and say yes, that may work for you, but that’s not what is best for our brand at this time. I had to do this a lot with contents inside packages because I wish we could put everything fun inside, but just because it’s what I want to see, it may not be for everyone else. It’s all about the business, not me, not anyone else, just Packed Party.

Q: Your instagram account is so vibrant & fun! How do you stay consistent with your posts & creating new content to draw in consumers?
A: Thanks so much for saying that! I am so happy you think it’s so fun. Our brand is very easy to spot, it’s either bright and sort of screams Packed Party or not and anyone in our office can look at something and say no, or heck yes! I think having a style guide is helpful if you’re someone who struggles to keep accountable on images looking the same or going off the same sort of theme. I also think planning ahead of time in some cases what you need to push and being strategic about posting on social platforms is smart. You never want to just post to post, everything should serve a purpose so always make sure you’re asking yourself the question of why when you’re posting.

Q: What is something you wish you knew before you started your own business?
A: Gosh, everything! I really didn’t know much when I started Packed Party and had to learn quickly, but it’s been the best part about it all! I always say me starting Packed Party is like running through a cave that no one else has been through before without a flash light. How terrifying does that sound? On the other side how rewarding to blaze a trail no one else has? I think you can’t map everything out as a business owner, you just have to have passion and be fearless in your vision and I definitely was when I started.

Confetti or Glitter? Confetti 100%
Shopping or Yoga? Eh, shopping depending on what it’s for. 
Big City or Small Town?  Big City (Hi, SF) 
Little black dress or Pink Romper?  Pink romper all day. 
Donuts or Ice Cream? DONUTS forever. 

So if you’re that girl that can’t ever think of what to buy your bestie for her birthday or what to say when her stupid boyfriend calls it quit, all your problems are solved. Send one of these darling gifts & everyone will be smiling! 


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